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Paint your own cookies is best school holiday mini activity to keep them entertained.

Simply dip the paint brush in water, then onto the paint palette and create your masterpiece.

Pack includes

- 3 embossed cookies

- paint brush

- edible paint palette

- sprinkles for decoration

- chocolate Easter eggs for an extra treat!

Wrapped individually to maintain freshness and presented in a clear lid box with ribbon.

Cookies best eaten within 6 weeks of pick up.

PYO cookie 3 pack

  • Ingredients

    Cookies - Butter, Sugar, Flour, Cornflour, Eggs, Vanilla, Lemon essence. Fondant icing.




    Product contains dairy, eggs and gluten. Whilst nuts may not be present and care is taken with equipment cleanliness, the same equipment is used to prepare foods containing nut products. Therefore, traces of nuts may be present.

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