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Easter Day treats to share with the whole family, if you can get one before they’re all gone!


12 pack mini

24 pack mini

6 pack standard size

12 pack standard size.

Choose from 2 flavours:

Chocolate, vanilla or mixed.

Easter Garden cupcakes

  • Ingredients

    Includes some or all of the following ingredients.

    - Flour (containing gluten), sugar, cocoa powder, bicarb soda, eggs, butter, oil, buttermilk, milk, sour cream, cream, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, golden syrup, cherries, food colourings and gels


    Product contains dairy, gluten and eggs. Whilst nuts may not be present and care is taken with equipment cleanliness, the same equipment is used to prepare foods containing nut products. Therefore, traces of nuts may be present.

  • Pick up is available for March 29th. Please contact me directly if you would like to arrange an alternate day.

    Pick up is from My Sweet Fix, Dingley Village, an address will be provided once you have placed your order.

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