Please note 3-5 business day processing time plus shipping.A huge disc of chocolate, looks like a giant cookie but made entirely of quality chocolate! THE CHOOKIE! Made from 200g of quality cadbury topped with luxe decorative toppings.This option allows you to choose a colour palette which will be created with premium sprinkles and edible petals from Petite Ingredient. Send a loved one a message with a personalised gift of chocolate, YUM! Just tell us what you'd like to say, choose your colour palette and a card and we'll send a sweet treat in the mail! If you have any special requests, please email us first to see if we can accommodate. Pick up available if you a located within 5km of Dingley village, for all other orders, shipping both standard and express is available.

The Fully Customised CHOOKIE! - colour options

  • Ingredients

    Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers (Soy Lecithin, 476) Flavour. Edible flower petals, sugar sprinkles, fondant icing.


    Product contains dairy. Whilst nuts may not be present and care is taken with equipment cleanliness, the same equipment is used to prepare foods containing nut products. Therefore, traces of nuts may be present.